Custom Signs

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Now you can create your own retro sign for your home, just type in the words and you can see what the sign will look like. Great idea for a gift as this can be personalised in accordance to the person you are giving it to.

This signs utilizes our classic retro font made from high grade stainless steel in a brushed satin finish. Please specify your chosen word(s) at checkout, and we will do the design work for you!

Some Examples: Dad's Den, Beth's Boudoir, Bubbles Bathroom, Kate's Kitchen, Will's Workshop, Chef at work, Peter's Playroom, Mum's Laundry, David's Diner, Bobby's Bar, Chloe's Closet, Craig's Cars,

NB. 14 character max. Contact us for larger words or for bespoke signs or other fonts. Specification: Material: Brushed Stainless steel.
Length: 100-150cm Height: 20-35cm Thickness: 2mm