About Goodwin + Goodwin

  • Picture of founders Paul & Viviane Goodwin
Paul Goodwin is an award-winning designer with over 12 years in graphic design and it may come as no surprise that his products have a bit of a graphic twist to them. He lives and breathes design and is most passionate about typography and home accessories. In 2009 Paul and Viviane Goodwin set-up their own design studio armed with a sketch book of ideas, and a passion for all things font related.

Goodwin + Goodwin proudly support local companies that are obsessed with good quality & workmanship as much as they are.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do creating them.

Paul + Viviane

Our 1200 sq ft London Studio London Design Studio

Vintage sign wall at our London Studio Vintage Letters

Designer Studio Paul Goodwin Founders: Paul & Viviane Goodwin